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Business Water


From April 2017, Businesses in England can choose who supplies and bills them for their water supply, drainage and sewerage. In Scotland, this happened in 2008 and 130,000 Scottish Businesses have been enjoying this opportunity ever since.

Wales have opted out of de-regulation and will continue to have their water provider by Welsh Water.

What does this mean for my business?

There are currently over 20 regional water companies in England. At present you receive your bills from your regional water provider. De-regulation will mean that you will be able to obtain;

Utilisave can now arrange a FREE water audit for all your business sites - simply send us a bill and we’ll arrange this all for you!

You will receive a report which highlights any opportunities you have to save money and/or to obtain refunds on overcharges. You can then decide if you would like to pursue the no-obligation recommendations.

We can also arrange bill validation and procurement services as well as finding answers to any water industry questions you may have.

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