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Energy Contract Types

These contracts do not necessarily relate to conscious decisions you may have made as a customer. You may find yourself in one of these following a change in circumstances or as a result of not acting on a letter sent to you by your energy supplier.

Deemed Contracts

Apply if you have recently moved into a new premise and have not agreed a contract with the existing energy supplier in situ;

TIP: Utilisave can agree more favourable prices immediately with the existing supplier or switch suppliers for you, without you having to give written notice.

Default Contracts

Usually apply when customers have ended their fixed term contract at point of renewal by terminating their agreement but have not changed energy supplier.

TIP: Another great opportunity to make immediate savings. Utilisave can make this happen for you by getting you a better deal with your current supplier, or switching you to a new supplier if you choose to do so.

Fixed Term/Fixed Price contracts

The preferred energy option for most businesses, so they can be certain of their energy costs going forward;

TIP: Check if your contract is “Fully Fixed”.

Check if you are liable for any additional charges for transportation or other non-consumption based costs that you may incur, should the market change. Always ask if your fixed contract means "Fully Fixed" for the contract term.

Utilisave can offer both Fully Fixed and Non-Fixed contracts. We make you aware of this before you enter into any agreement with your chosen energy supplier.

Auto Renewal/Evergreen Contract

In essence, a fixed term/fixed price contract which the customer has not consciously agreed to.

TIP: Make sure you terminate your current contract at least 30 days before your renewal date to avoid auto renewal.

Utilisave will ensure you do not auto renew, whilst searching the market for the best rates for you going forward.

Variable/Flexible/30 day Rolling Contracts

Similar to deemed or default contracts in that they have no end date. However, despite being expensive, they are usually slightly cheaper than deemed or default contracts and are mainly applied as follows;

TIP: Check your T‘s and C’s as you can usually exit these contracts by giving 30 days advance written notice of termination. You can then either agree more favourable fixed term prices with your current supplier or move suppliers.

Once again, Utilisave can manage all of the above for you, and find you the best new contract.

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