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Energy Saving Tips

At Utilisave, we know how important it is for Businesses to keep their costs down.

Here are a few tips on how to save money on your energy and at the same time help to protect the environment around you.

View Energy Saving Tips for Computers and PC's

Computers and PC's

View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Computers and PC's

Configure your computer to "hibernate". Automatically, after 30 minutes or so of inactivity the "hibernate mode" turns the computer off in a way that doesn't require you to reload everything when you switch it back on.

Allowing your computer to hibernate saves energy and is more time-efficient than shutting down. When you’re finished working for the day, shutdown.

A computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost over £200 a year. Switching it off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this cost substantially.

Based on a usage and electricity price of: 12p pkwh and 200 watts per hour.

View Energy Saving Tips for Appliances


View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Appliances

Older fridges and even boilers tend to be far less energy efficient.

Update to energy efficient products wherever possible.

ECO kettles only boil the amount of water required and can use 20 per cent less energy than a conventional electric kettle.

Fitting doors to grocer or supermarket chiller cabinets can save as much as 60% on their energy consumption annually.

View Energy Saving Tips for Heating


View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Heating

Ensure all heaters are set to an adequate temperature throughout your property.

Overheating by just one degree can lead to up to an increase of fuel costs of about 8%.

View Energy Saving Tips for Lighting


View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Lighting

Up to 40% of a building’s electricity use is accounted for by lighting.

Use energy efficient light bulbs where possible - cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money within the workplace.

View Energy Saving Tips for Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Windows and Doors

Around 60% of office heat is lost through building fabric.

Keep heat in by closing all external doors and keeping windows shut when the weather is cold. Consider insulating office doors and windows using foam or rubber strips.

If your business uses air-conditioning, maximise its efficiency by keeping doors and windows closed.

In summer months and bright winter days, open window blinds and make the most of natural light to help reduce energy costs.

View Solar Energy Energy Saving Tips


View Energy Saving TipsView Solar Energy Energy Saving Tips

Making your business more energy efficient - one of the most sufficient ways to achieve this is to invest in a solar energy system or energy efficient lighting, or both.

A solar energy system is the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce electricity for your business. The panels require little maintenance, they can last for decades and they do not produce any greenhouse gasses.



View Energy Saving TipsView Energy Saving Tips for Windows and Doors

Toilets – consider installing efficient flush toilets, waterless urinals or automatic sensor taps to reduce water usage.

Water Audits for your Business – arrange a water audit to see how efficient your water usage is.

Recycle water – ask an expert to identify if you can recycle your waste water

Educate your workforce in using water wisely - hold staff awareness sessions using videos and quizzes. Put posters and fact sheets around the office, in kitchen and bathroom areas.

Benefits of LED Lighting

With ever-increasing energy prices and new tax penalties on CO2 emissions, plus the added burden of high operating costs and meeting safety standards, there’s never been a better time to switch to LED lighting. LED lighting technology is the future of lighting. The light output and efficiency of LED now far exceeds that of both fluorescent and halogen lighting, both of which can be replaced with LED energy saving equivalents. And what’s more, in most cases switching to LED requires only a simple direct lamp replacement, without the need for any additional or special fittings.

90% less power is consumed by LED over halogen, compact-fluorescent or incandescent and further savings can be made when using a dimmer switch

45,000 hour life versus 2,000 for halogen or tungsten

A significant reduction in electricity consumption in-turn greatly reduces CO2 emissions

A reduction from 121°C to 10°C in the output of each individual lamp meaning less heat damage to surrounding décor and a cooler working environment

In most cases, LED Lamps are easy to install and maintenance free

LED lighting emits only a fraction of CO2 generated by halogen. LED is accredited by the Carbon Trust and provides business users with further savings on Carbon Taxes

(Information provided by Ian Thomas, Director of Lightsense UK Limited)

For more information on LED lighting visit

Think Green!

Business Tips

Promoting energy savings in your business

Make your staff aware of how they can save energy by making a few changes

Place reminders around the office, such as notes by the light switches can be a good way to prompt staff to make a conscious effort to help reduce your energy usage


Just one in five (21 per cent) of UK small businesses have energy efficient equipment within the workplace. Astonishingly, this means almost four million small businesses are wasting valuable money and resources where it is not necessary.

For further information on energy saving please visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

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Energy Saving Tips

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Energy Saving Tips

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