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Things you need to know about switching suppliers

Only 12% of business customers choose to switch their energy supplier. This means almost 90% of customers might not be getting the best deal for their gas and electricity. Switching your energy supplier could save you money and it’s far easier than you think.

What do I need to do to switch supplier?

Consider what’s important to you - what are you looking for from your energy supplier?

Have information about your current contract to hand, including who you are supplied by, how much energy you have used over the last year (if possible), prices we need to beat and contract end dates.

Call us at Utilisave and we will research the market, finding you the best deal for your business.


What happens during the switch?

There is no interruption to your supply during the transfer. Your new supplier will send you a Welcome Pack or email within about 14 days of the transfer, which contains important information about your new contract terms.

TIP: Take a meter reading if possible on the agreed start date to ensure you are charged correctly by your old supplier for your final bill. You could take a photo of your meter reading on your mobile phone!

What might prevent or delay the switch?

There are several reasons why people have different experiences when switching.

Most of the issues that could be encountered are easily resolved, but here are some things that you need to know...

You may be in a Fixed term contract. (Check our page on Contract Types) This means your current supplier may object to the transfer on the grounds that;

You have an outstanding balance to pay.

Are your meters related?

Can I change my mind?

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